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Barbara Dey
Congress Park
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Container Gardening

Our container gardens combine vivid colors, lush textures and striking shapes in a display personally designed to complement and enhance your outdoor space.
Container culture is limited only by the imagination!

Container Gardens are great for many reasons:

Aesthetic Appeal
Vibrant and colorful annuals will beautify your entryway, patio or porch.

Limited Space
If you have little or no space to plant, or have problem soil, container gardening is a great solution.
For home cooks, a container garden offers fresh herbs and organic vegetables at their fingertips.
Container garden pots are also portable and re-useable.

Low Maintenance
Automated watering, time release fertilization, and no weeding means less time working on your garden and more time enjoying it.
A container garden utilizes fewer plants, soil, fertilizer and water than a traditional garden.

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